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I bought a trial lesson. What's next?
After payment, within three hours our manager will contact you and schedule a lesson at a suitable time and day for you.
    What classes can I attend if I am neofit?
    Most classes are suitable for all levels. It doesn't matter how prepared you are at the moment. All principles will be explained to you, so there will not be any issues with activities you undertake. On top of that, we will separate the levels and degree of load. On the way to their goal, people face their own obstacles, from the inflexibility of the body, to skepticism and other tricks of the mind. At such moments, it is important to make the right decision and sync with your body. This will help you to maximise the results. We help you achieve your goals regardless of your experience in sports.
    I have acquired a membership. When does it start?
    Subscription activation period is 30 days from the date of purchase.
    How can I schedule my classes?
    For self-registration, you should download the TOPSTRETCHING®️Dubai app, register by phone number and book a slot at any convenient time and location.
    Where can I check the schedule?
    You can check the schedule in the TOPSTRETCHING®️Dubai app or you can text us by WhatsApp and we will send you our monthly schedule.
    How long does one class last?
    Duration of one class is 55 minutes.
    Can I visit several classes at the same day?
    Absolutely! We suggest you to visit functional sessions first and stretching classes after. In this case you will reach the desired result faster.
    Do you provide parking spaces?
    All members of our gym are provided with the parking spaces.
    If I am going on vacation, can I freeze the subscription?
    Each subscription has a built-in freeze period that you can use. If you need more days, then you can purchase additional freezing days.
    Should I bring my own mat?
    Due to current situation it is much better to have your own mat, but in case if you do not have one, we can provide it at studio.
    Do you have female-only studios?
    We have a female fitness studio TS MARINA.

    Also, we have mixed gym (TS PALM), where you can feel free to wear national sport suits for covered woman.Nevertheless, we provide ladies-only classes.
    Do you provide small groups sessions?
    Joint workouts are always more effective! For more results, our individual training sessions for 2 to 3 guests will suit you.
    Can I attend the studio with my kid?
    Yes, from the age of 12 you can do AEROSTRETCHING® and SPLIT SCHOOL in the presence of parents. From the age of 16, your kid can attend AEROSTRETCHING® and SPLIT SCHOOL, with prior a letter of agreement from a parent or guardian. From the age of 18, all classes of the studio are available.
    If I recently (at some point of time) got injury, can I attend your classes?
    If you are injured and start training on your own, you assume all the risks associated with doing sports when visiting the studio. We recommend you to undergo a medical examination and obtain your doctor's approval.
    If you have not told the studio manager or trainer about your condition, you take full responsibility for your life and health. If you feel bad, you must immediately contact the trainer or studio manager. If you have not been involved in sports for a long time, then it is better to start training gradually. You can not drive the body into stress so that the immune system does not fail.
    Are there any discounts?
    15% discount for membership after your trial class at the same day.

    Up to 30% discount for membership before expiration date for a prolongation.

    Didn't find a suitable offer? Text us and we will make an individual offer just for you!
    When can I achieve visible results in SPLIT SCHOOL?
    Depending on the physiology of a person, the state of the muscles and the efforts, after 3 months of regular training you will definitely see the results. If a person had training experience in stretching and need to get back the previous split, then, as a rule, this goal is achieved in a month, and sometimes less.
      What does your SPLIT SCHOOL stand out?
        • SPLIT SCHOOL trainers are professional coaches and former athletes - winners and participants of World Championships and Olympic Games in rhythmic gymnastics
        • Individual approach to each client: we try our best to find individual assignments to replace those exercises someone cannot cope with;
        • A reverent attitude to and respect for clients and guests of the studio.
        What are the guarantees that I will be able to perform splits?
        For some people, it takes 2 months, for others 6 months. 40% of success depends on the person's initial physical data and preliminary training, 30% on the trainer and the remaining 30% comes from regular training, rest and recovery between workouts. If you want to prepare your body for more stretching, drink more water - it will help increasing the elasticity of your muscles.
        How often do I need to exercise in order to reach my target?
        Normally 3 times a week. If you start visiting more often, then a regression may occur. It is necessary to keep the muscles in good shape and give them time to return to their previous state with a little rest. To form a muscle corset, you need to let the muscles recover.
        What classes should I attend to lose weight?
        We recommend the functional classes TRX and TOPBODY. Stretching also helps in building a dream body and quicker muscle recovery. You can also purchase personal training from us, which will also help to create nutrition plan and deal specifically with your case.
        Is it possible to lose weight doing stretching, AEROSTRETCHING and TRX?
        Stretching and intense training also affects body shape, ligaments, and posture. The body is tightened and calories are burned. Muscles are toned and lengthened, improving blood circulation, skin tone and firmness. The "orange peel" is noticeably reduced. In addition, it helps in prevention of varicose veins. Proper nutrition is needed to combat obesity.
        What will AEROSTRETCHING®️ give me?
        You will tighten your figure, improve your health, mood, help to get rid of depression and introduce you to meditation. Headaches will go away, you will feel lightness in the back and shoulders and increase in your confidence and self-esteem.
        What is the maximum weight for a hammock?
        Our hammocks can hold up to 300 kg.
        What classes can I do if I am pregnant?
        It is great that you are in such a wonderful and mysterious state now! Our congratulations! But we do not recommend attending training sessions during pregnancy without the written permission of your supervising doctor. During pregnancy, the safest training option is personal sessions, as the standard training program does not take into account the specifics of your condition during pregnancy.
        Do you have male coaches aside from female ones?
        At our Gym on the Palm we have female coaches for all types of classes and male coaches in gym and aqua boxing classes. Check with our managers for more detailed information.
        Who are your trainers?
        They are athletes, absolute Champions of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, Masters of Sports, laureates of President's Awards, ballerinas. More details about the trainers staff you can find in our mobile application. The level of professionalism of our team, the involvement of all coaches, competence and motivation - gives a guaranteed result.
        Are there any discounts?
        Of course!

        15% discount for membership after your trial class at the same day.

        Up to 30% discount for membership renewal before exipration date.
        If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!
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