PUBLISHED: July 07, 2019

Who is Anna Kanyuk, the Russian influencer who makes the buzz on Instagram?

In a few hours, his video where he is seen accomplishing an impressive gap to close the trunk of his car, all, perched on heels 15 cm and his daughter a year in arms, reached 9 million views on Twitter. Nearly 8,000 retweets and 19,000 likes later, Anna Kanyuk was really the buzz on social networks. Accustomed to breathtaking technical prowess, this fitness girl is not his first try.
On July 29, Anna Kanyuk shook Instagram by sharing with her some 547k subscribers an ultra-impressive video, mixing fitness and mom's life. As she walks to the trunk of her car, we see the 24-year-old influencer string together the technical prowess while flexibility, recovering at first the stroller of her daughter Gia, 10 months, using with one arm while holding it at the same time. But the most amazing is yet to come, when this ultra-talented fitness girl chooses to close her car trunk by making a breathtaking splash, rather than using her hands, all perched on her stiletto heels. In just a few hours, the video had more than a million views on Instagram, and almost 10 times more on Twitter.

Originally from Moscow, Russia, this local celebrity is actually used to sharing videos showing its flexibility. At the head of 15 TopStretching fitness studios in her homeland, including Moscow, Kiev and Saint Petersburg, the young woman specializes in TRX, CrossFit and stretching. But the most followed course of its gyms is aerostretching: stretching in the air with a silk hammock that completely eliminates the load on the spine and allows to develop flexibility, strengthen the joints , relax the muscles and relieve tension. Zoom on his most impressive videos.