From Inflexible to Flexible

Online intensive course with Farah

Stretching and Flexibility Training
Any day after the purchase
A comprehensive approach to a healthy and flexible body in 3 weeks

Why flexibility is important?


Become flexible regardless your athletic ability. Become flexible regardless your athletic ability.

More than 10,000 people have completed our online-courses!

This course is for you if you want:

From Inflexible to Flexible
To move and loosen up your body

To work on overall flexibility

To increase the elasticity of muscles and ligaments
To get healthy back and spine
To get rid of joint pain and noises

"A common misconception is that flexibility is a born trait and not a hard-earned, practiced one. But I'll show you that it is not true.
You will see that you can be flexible like you’ve always dreamt of".


Why this course is suitable for everybody?

The course includes not only stretching but conditioning and strength workouts
Workouts are made for both beginners and professional athletes
You don't need special equipment. All you need is the Internet!
What you’ll have at the online course?
From Inflexible to Flexible
Setting personal goals for the online course
Before the start of classes, you will have an introductory lesson where we will charge you with motivation and help you set a goal for maximum results.
23 different workouts
This course focuses on your entire body to improve flexibility and stretching routine for both beginners and professional athletes.

An activity tracker
A great tool to track your workouts and get useful things into a habit .
Complete workouts with built-in timer
You don't have to switch between dozens of videos. You just turn on the video and do the entire workout with me, as if we were training together.
Community of like-minded people
Work out with people with similar interests and get emotional support every day.
Constant motivation
We will do everything possible so that you do not fall out of the race and achieve your goal in the course. Just trust us.
Live support
*only full package

You can always ask a question and get a detailed answer from a professional trainer.
Detailed video instructions for passing the online-course and how to use the platform

We will be your guide, explaining all your steps inside the platform. Everything for a comfortable training process
Simple and user-friendly learning platform

All materials are in one place: workouts, activity tracker and recommendations. Work out anytime and from any device.

Course program
Introductory lesson
(motivation and organizational issues)
Workout 1 | Start stretching
Workout 2 | Hip Flexor Stretches
Workout 3 | Shoulder Openers
Workout 4 | Full Body Stretch
Workout 5 | Harmstrings Work
Workout 6 | Hip Mobility Routine
Workout 7 | Strength & Flex
Workout 8 | Shoulder and Hip Rotation
Workout 9 | Back Bending
Workout 10 | All Wall Exercises
Workout 11 | Full Body Stretch
Workout 12 | Journey to Front Split
Workout 13 | Strong & Flexible Spine
Workout 14 | Journey to Middle Split
Workout 15 | Full Body Stretch
Workout 16 | Balance
Workout 17 | Upper Back and Shoulders
Workout 18 | PNF Technique
Workout 19 | Intermediate Flexibility
Workout 20 | 40 min of Active Flexibility
Workout 21 | Strong & Flexible Legs
Workout 22 | Full Body Mobility Workout
Workout 23 | Advanced Backbends
About course author Farah
From Inflexible to Flexible
A certified yoga teacher
More than 3 years of teaching experience
An aerial performer
She started working on her flexibility at the age of 26 (which is considered late ) and reached a professional level in 4 years of practice.
I am convinced that flexibility and stretching are available for everyone, regardless of age or natural abilities. 
What will you get?
From Inflexible to Flexible
Flexible body without muscle clamps and spasms

Active and passive stretching techniques for faster results
More toned-up muscles
Lightness of body and mind
Reduction of back pain and better posture
Joint mobility with greater range of motion and muscle elasticity
Transformation of Farah’s clients
Farah’s clients reviews
Packages & Cost
From Inflexible to Flexible
23 workouts without additional equipment
Workout video
Access — 4 weeks
Basic workouts
$ 99 $ 79
Сейчас у Вас есть возможность познакомиться с программой марафона по минимальной цене, являясь участником первого потока 2021

C 1 февраля - по 7 февраля
– цена 2 000 руб

C 8 февраля - по 14 февраля
– цена 3 000 руб
23 workouts without additional equipment
Workout video
Access — 4 weeks
Activity tracker
Standart workouts
$ 109
$ 89
These prices are for early birds only. The number of places is limited.
So hurry up before the prices increase!
These prices are for early birds only. The number of places is limited.
So hurry up before the prices increase!
23 workouts without additional equipment
Workout video
Access — 6 weeks
Activity tracker

Full workouts
$ 129
$ 109
These prices are for early birds only. The number of places is limited.
So hurry up before the prices increase!
A private chat with like minded people for motivation and support from Farah and her fitness team for one month
+ Bonus:
From Inflexible to Flexible
From Inflexible to Flexible
How often will we work out?
Lessons will open every other day.
Can I do my workouts at home?
Sure! You can work out wherever it is comfortable for you, you only need a mat and 2 square meters of space.
Do I need training equipment?
All you need is an exercise mat and your body.
I'm not sure that I will have enough time to study. How long is one workout?
One workout will take 30-40 minutes on average. All workouts will be available in your personal account. You can do them at a convenient time and according to a comfortable schedule. Do not worry, you will definitely have enough time for it!
I bought a full package with a chat with Farah. How long will I have access to it? 
Access to the chat is given for 1 months from the day of purchasing the course.